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Why do our comfort foods sometimes become uncomfortable ? Let’s dive into this interesting topic.

Isn’t it strange how post surgery you can be happily eating chicken breast and then the next day if feels hard and uncomfortable on your surgically altered tummy ? 

I speak with bariatric clients every day and they often ask this question: Why is it that I could eat chicken yesterday and then today when I went to eat it, it was very hard to stomach ?  My question to them is always: how was the chicken cooked yesterday ?  was it broiled or grilled, or was it stewed or simmered ?  If you can get more moisture into the chicken breast, it will be easier to eat over just eating it dry.  

Taking the time to really chew your food will make a big difference on how it feels when it hits your stomach.  If you can help your tummy with the digestive process by chewing your food better, it will feel better and more comfortable.

Do you notice how when you are stressed,  your shoulders raise up ?  well your tummy also responds to stress and it can tighten the upper part of the digestives system and make your food more difficult to digest.  Have you ever noticed how after you drink a glass of wine, you are more relaxed and can eat more food ? or how on the weekends, your stomach can hold so much more food ?  Ah ha !  It is interesting and very true.  Try taking a couple of deep breaths prior to eating and relax yourself.  Take your time and focus on staying in the moment. 

Do you tend to multitask while you eat your meals ?  You probably should be only eating and not typing or talking on the phone.  If you are distracted, it’s possible that you are not focusing on chewing and helping your digestion.  Stop reading your emails and just focus on the task at hand, eating and chewing your food well while enjoying it.

In the beginning, the honeymoon period post surgery is going to last for about a year.  Enjoy the feeling of a lot of restriction in the beginning and learn how to use your tool while watching the weight fall off.  After the first year, stick with solid proteins, vegetables and healthy fats in order to continue feeling the restriction that the pouch offers.  Make friends with your pouch. You two are going to be friends for a long time to come.

I salute all of you – for taking your own health into your own hands.

About the Author: Sheri Burke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Bariatric Surgery Coordinator at International Patient Facilitators in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. She has worked with bariatric surgery clients for over 10 years and especially enjoys providing nutritional guidance to pre and post bariatric clients.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two teens and cooking up a nutritional storm in the kitchen.

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