The Perfect Bariatric Prep and Perform Program

This is an extremely convenient online specialized service to meet all of your required bariatric nutritional needs.

Our plan provides effective bariatric nutritional education allowing clients to comprehend how to eat to succeed pre and post weight loss surgery.  Our services are presented in a convenient and easy to understand matter (online download plus video tutorials), so that clients can get the services they require at their own pace without having to miss time from work or family commitments.
Bariatric Food Expert – Unlock your potential with proper nutrition

Bariatric Nutritional Services

Do you Require ….

Pre and Post Operative Bariatric Educational , Nutritional Plans and support to enable you to succeed long term?

If so, this means you have arrived at the perfect destination.

Included in the Perfect Bariatric Prep and Perform Program :

Detailed Pre-operative diet plan – using whole foods and supplements.

What you receive … everything you need for success pre and post Bariatric Surgery.

  1. Detailed 14 Day Bariatric Pre-Op Nutritional Plan
  2. Food Log
  3. All Pre Op Recipes
  4. Pre-Op Grocery Shopping List
  5. Pre-Op Supplement List
  6. Pre-Op protein powder purchasing guidelines
  7. Detailed Post-Op Dietary Plan
  8. All Post Op Recipes
  9. Post-Op Grocery Shopping List
  10.  Post-Op Supplement List
  11. Suggested Exercise Timeline Guide

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