One On One Bariatric Support


One-On-One Bariatric Support

The Perfect Plan

The One-on-One personalized program

Real food for real solutions

Get back on track …

Reach your weight loss and health goals

Do you Require ….

One on One Personalized education, assistance and nutritional counseling post bariatric surgery?

If so, this means you have arrived at the perfect destination

This is an extremely convenient online specialized service to meet your continued bariatric surgery weight loss goals after a regain or plateau

Are you one year post surgery or 10 years post surgery?

This program is designed for you and your goals.

Find your personal Balance

About Sheri Burke:

I am an RHN, registered holistic nutritionist and I specialize in pre and post bariatric nutrition. 

I have been working with bariatric clients for over a decade helping them reach their long and short term goals.

“All of my clients are biochemical individuals and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone”.

“I teach a healthy, sustainable lifestyle while helping you to reach your weight loss and health goals”.

This One-On-One plan provides effective bariatric nutritional education enabling clients to comprehend how to eat to succeed post weight loss surgery. 

Unlock your potential with proper nutrition

The One-On-One program focuses on helping clients achieve a healthier state of wellness by providing knowledge and life skills to change eating and coping behaviors, and develop alternative lifestyles that promote healthy eating, physical activity and healthy living.

One-On-One Bariatric Nutrition Counseling and Coaching Program

As an RHN Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I support each of my clients to make important changes to their lifestyle and food choices to enable them to reach their short and long term goals.

As a client of my One-On-One program, you will
  • Accomplish your goals in a way which empowers you
  • Understand carb and food cravings and discover better alternatives
  • Identify any food intolerances and sensitivities
  • Learn to build menus that support your lifestyle
  • Understand food and how it functions in the body
  • Empower yourself to take control over your weight

Your 6 week One-On-One program includes: 

– A detailed health history session  

This enables me to structure a personalized plan of action for you.  

I will identify your requirements and structure short and long term goals together with you.  

– Your One-On-One program includes 

Two weekly one-on-one sessions (video or phone) for a period of six weeks to discuss progress, monitor weight loss, share food logs and provide you with menus and recipes for success / plus unlimited emails.

My clients get personalized weekly menus, recipes, cooking tips/ lessons, exercise suggestions and materials to follow that introduce them to a new way of thinking about food.  

This is not only about food.  This is about “you” as a “whole person”.  We are more than just what we eat. 

Reach your goals with One-On-One bariatric counseling and coaching today.  

Six weeks to a happier, and healthier you using whole, live, fresh, natural, good quality FOOD.

$330usd for 6 week  program


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