Bariatric Keto Plan


 The Bariatric Keto Program – by Bariatric Food Expert

Our Bariatric Keto Program is an extremely convenient online specialized service to meet all your ketogenic nutritional needs.  Our plan provides effective bariatric ketogenic nutritional education allowing clients to comprehend how to eat a ketogenic diet to succeed with weight loss goals post bariatric surgery.  Our services are presented in a convenient and easy to understand matter (online download), so that clients can get the services they require at their own pace.

Are you ready to try High Fat/ Low Carb?  It’s time to talk about the Ketogenic Solution for Bariatric Patients.

It’s all great until reality sets in and you have lost the initial weight but are now struggling for the last 20 lbs or you have experienced a re-gain.

Everybody is saying something different. Let us make it easy for you to understand what a high fat, low carb plan consists of in order to experience Ketogenic Success.

High Fat/ Low Carb can be so confusing. We have made it easy to understand.

We prepare you for Ketogenic Success. We understand that it can be overwhelming so allow us to provide you with simple to follow guidelines for success

“Simple Meals.  No guessing.  Get Results

Do you know why most diets don’t work ?  Because they don’t make it easy to lose weight and keep the weight off.  This “21 day Keto Plan” by your Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Bariatric Food Experts makes it simple to enjoy the foods you love – without calorie counting

This ketogenic bariatric program has been built for men and women who:

Are working full time (busy lifestyle, have kids etc.)

Need highly effective, yet simple plans with the flexibility to change it up

Need to know what to eat and do for fat loss and to get healthy

Have had challenges losing weight before or keeping it off post bariatric surgery

What can you expect from the Ketogenic Bariatric Plan …

 Imagine not having carb cravings anymore !  This is not just another “off the shelf” Ketogenic Diet.  This is very different.  We give you a highly effective, time saving and yet simple Keto Plan to follow.  Spend less time researching and in the kitchen, feel great and finally get that scale to shift in the right direction.
It’s all inside.  All you need for high fat/ low carb – ketogenic success.

Allow us to provide you with the information you require to get the best results with our ketogenic bariatric plan.

Learn why and how a ketogenic diet works and why others fail.

Know exactly what foods are keto friendly to help you be creative in the kitchen.

Easy yet delicious keto recipes – so you don’t need to be a master chef.

Superior weight loss with minimal exercise.

An increase in energy levels without the need for stimulants.

An improved nights sleep and easier waking up.

The 21 Day Ketogenic Bariatric Plan.

Included you will find:

detailed information guide on what is keto and why it works

swap in swap out food guidelines

44 fabulous bariatric ketogenic recipes

what foods NOT to eat

shopping lists

21 day detailed ketogenic plan

everything our clients need for total ketogenic success

Purchase your Bariatric Ketogenic Program for Success.





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