Bariatric Expert Probiotic, Gummy 30 Chews.

$25.00 $19.99

Specially formulated for bariatric patients. Our Probiotic is designed to specifically meet the health needs of those who have undergone bariatric surgery such as vertical sleeve and gastric bypass. The gummy formulation is great tasting and easy to absorb and digest. The great taste of our gummy Probiotic is excellent for patient compliance.

SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Bariatric Expert Probiotics Gummies helps promote healthy immune function

FORTIFY YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Bariatric Expert Probiotic Gummies are a daily probiotic supplement that fortifies your digestive system with good bacteria

WORKS NATURALLY WITH YOUR BODY. Bariatric Expert Probiotic Gummies work naturally to provide support to the 70% of your immune system in your gut

PROBIOTICS MADE FOR BARIATRIC CLIENTS – Bariatric Expert Probiotic Gummies contains clinically proven strains, setting it apart from other probiotics. This unique blend helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your body.

Great-tasting AND convenient. Bariatric Expert Probiotic Gummies taste great, are easy to chew and don’t require water to take. They’re the good-for-you supplement that you’ll actually look forward to taking!