Bariatric Expert Biotin and Vitamin Thickening Shampoo

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  • HAIR FOLLICLE STIMULATOR Falling, breaking, slow growing hair? Our hair formula is like taking a biotin supplement for your hair. It contains biotin and essential oils for hair growth. This formula nourishes your hair, adding volume and shine so you achieve gorgeous hair while promoting faster hair growth without damaging the hair that you have. And because it SMELLS DELICIOUS, you’ll love using it every day.


  • BIOTIN FOR HAIR GROWTH this is a thickening, vitamin infused shampoo for post bariatric clients who experience damaged hair post procedure. Our custom shampoo contains biotin, pro-vitamin B5, cucumber and aloe vera for your best hair condition. The more you use our hair formula, the faster you’ll promote stronger, thicker, shimmering hair.


  • SULFATE FREE/ PARABEN FREE SHAMPOO Bariatric Expert Biotin Infused Shampoo has no sulphates and is paraben free so it will not strip dry hair or cause a dry scalp. It is also infused with nourishing aloe vera and cucumber extract. Our formula contains clinically researched levels of hair growth vitamins such as Biotin and Vitamin B5 for maximum hair regrowth and health. Biotin for hair growth not only promotes healthy hair growth but also prevents hair dryness.


  • NATURAL HAIR VOLUMIZER Thinning hair can cause our thicker hair to look dull and lifeless. Our root lifting, volumizing shampoo leaves hair with added body and fullness as well as softness. Bariatric Expert Biotin and Vitamin Thickening Shampoo helps strengthen hair follicles and fortify, soften and smooth hair strands that are straight, wavy, curly, dry, brittle, or damaged.


  • HEALTHY THICK AND FULL HAIR Regular use promotes healthy, thick and full hair. Our custom blend prevents breakage and encourages hair growth. It works even better when paired with our Bariatric Expert Biotin Conditioner. This is a hair thickening shampoo and increases hair volume and body as it restores nutrients to promote hair regrowth.