Pre Op and Post Op Diet Plus Supplements

(Perfect Bariatric Prep and Perform program)

  • Extremely Convenient online specialized service to meet all of your bariatric needs.
  • Our Effective Bariatric Plan is designed to eat to succeed pre and post weight loss surgery.
  • Our Services are presented in a convenient and easy, To Understand Manner *Online Download plus Video tutorials.
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You are scheduled for your weight loss surgery, it is time to talk about the Weight Loss Surgery Solution...

It's all great until reality sets in and you are baffled by all the information coming at you about what you are supposed to eat and what you are not supposed to eat.

Everybody is saying something different. Let us make it easy for you to understand all the guidelines and what exactly you need to do for Bariatric Surgery Success.

​Patients get confused as to what they are required to do pre surgery. We make it easy to understand.

We prepare you for Weight Loss Surgery Success. We understand that it can be overwhelming so allow us to provide you with simple to follow guidelines for sucess

“Eat for success before and after weight loss surgery.”

We save you Time and Money.  Here the research has been done for you in an Easy to Follow Format.

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Pre Op - Post Op Diet

By choosing us as your bariatric nutritionists you’ll get the following benefits:

Long Term Bariatric Success

Our clients get pre op and post op bariatric education, nutritional plans and support to enable them to succeed long term.

Bariatric Vitamins and Supplements

Stop the search, it’s all here for our clients including specialized bariatric vitamins included in their programs.

Detailed Menus and Recipes

Stop the searching, we have the menus here to eat your way to long term success

"I followed the plans provided and saw the results immediately..."

"This was by far the best information I received on my weight loss surgery from all the sources I searched. It made my journey so my easier being able to have weekly menus to follow and it was so simple to follow them. I am almost at my goal now."

- Valerie (Reservation manager)

Extremely effective bariatric tools to meet your surgery goals quickly.

"Eat to succeed with our bariatric pre op and post op plans."

This is the only bariatric pre and post op guideline you will need to meet all of your bariatric needs. Our effective bariatric plan is designed to eat to success pre and post op weight loss surgery.

 Our services are presented in a convenient and easy to understand manner / online download we also include all the tutorial videos.

What Our Product Does for You:

Tools for Bariatric Success

"It’s all inside.  All you need for success pre and post surgery."

Allow us to provide you with the information you require to get the best results with your weight loss surgery.

"I still look at myself and think I'm big but when I see these before and after pictures I can see how far I've come!! Thank You. Sheri Forever Grateful."

- Pam Bagley

"Tonight I actually looked in the mirror and see what others have been telling me. I am truly Blessed by this journey I am on. Big shout out to Sheri Burke, for all her help and encouragement. If your thinking bout WLS for better health think about all your loved ones."

- Diane Langston

"Cleaning out my VanBuren office and came across these from 2012! I really can not believe the transformation and NEVER truly understood how unhealthy I was... so thankful for Sheri Burke, for her help and continued support!!! Super excited for the next chapter of my healthier self!!!!.A big Thanks to my husband for never leaving my side and loving me either way!"

- Christy Hoffman

Bariatric  Supplements

What You’ll Receive...

Take a look at what all you will receive when you purchase.:

"This is what all weight loss surgery patients need for complete bariatric success."

Included you will find, detailed pre.op diet, 3 month post op guidelines, food log, recipes, shopping lists, supplements, exercise guide - everything our clients need for total success pre bariatric surgery and post bariatric surgery..

Are you ready for weight loss surgery success?

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"Thank you so much for everything. My results from my weight loss surgery are fabulous and I feel healthy and 20 years younger."

- Sandra (Real Estate Agent)

"Thanks to you for helping me get my life back. The guidelines were easy to follow and I am so happy I signed up for all your tips and menus. You made something confusing seem so easy to follow."

- Rene (Domestic Goddess)

"After following your reset program, I finally got to wear all those clothes that were just too tight - I got my health back and I also got a whole new wardrobe. 

Thanks for what you do - the reset was exactly what I needed."

- Tracy (it Consultant)

What you need for Bariatric Success: 

Do you Require

Pre and Post Operative Bariatric Educational , Nutritional Plans and support to enable you to succeed long term?

If so, this means you have arrived at the perfect destination.

Included in the Perfect Bariatric Prep and Perform Program: Detailed Pre-operative diet plans plus Months 1 to 3 - using whole foods and supplements

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Detailed "pre and post" op guidelines
  • 3 months supply supplements
  • Easy to follow menus/ suggested exercise
  • Food Logs / Recipes / Shopping Lists

All these now for just:

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