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March 2, 2018by admin0

What is considered a “soft food” post bariatric surgery ?  Well it’s actually a medical term and it means that you should be able to mash “said food” with a fork and turn it into the consistency of baby food (i.e., applesauce).  When you are told to be on a soft food diet post bariatric surgery, you are looking for foods which have the consistency of mushy applesauce – so why do I get so many emails asking me if  pizza is considered a soft food or hamburger buns or french fries ?  

I am able to take chicken breasts and put in on the stove with some canned tomatoes and simmer them until they are almost like a gentle sauce.  Now this chicken can be mashed with your fork into the texture of baby food.  I am also able to take some cottage cheese with stevia and canned peaches and mash those into a mush too.  Canned beans can be turned into refried beans which also fits into the applesauce consistency.  Avocado can be mushed up with your fork and turned into guacamole.  See how it can be done?

Please pay attention to your post op rules as not behaving can delay your healing time and cause post surgery issues. 

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 About the author:  Sheri Burke is an RHN – Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been supporting bariatric clients for over a decade.  She also coordinates bariatric surgical procedures and assists clients both and to ensure that they follow bariatric guidelines and have the nutritional information they require for short term and long term success.  When not working, she can be found in the kitchen with her husband and two teens cooking up a nutritional storm.

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