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Choosing a clean protein / plant based powder.

How do we go about choosing the best protein powders when wanting to use plant based products ?

Bariatric patients rely on supplementing to achieve their daily protein goals. While we are able to add beautiful super-foods to our protein smoothies, those smoothies may also be filled with ingredients that we didn’t know were there.  So what makes your supplement protein powder truly healthy ?

We all need protein on a daily basis and we all need to aim for 60 grams of high quality protein post bariatric surgery and also “regular people who have not had surgery” ,,,, they also need about 60 grams of protein per day.  Protein makes up a very important part of any healthy diet.  

Lot of folks choose a plant based protein instead of dairy-based protein powders as many people today experience sensitivity to dairy products and some find themselves lactose intolerant post bariatric surgery.  The regular whey protein powders can contain sugar, refined sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, stabilizers, thickeners, unhealthy vegetable oils, gluten, fillers, soy derivatives, and milk ingredients.  

The best way to find a protein powder that suits you best is to always read the ingredient lists.  When you are unsure, always choose a protein powder with a shorter ingredient list.  Plant proteins that come from one source (such as only pea protein) are not going to be incomplete but products that contain a mixture of plant proteins from difference sources will be a complete protein source (pea protein mixed with hemp protein for example). 

I have tried so many of these products over many, many years and what I have come find it that when I use regular whey protein powders, my stomach feels off and I don’t feel well.  This is why I have tried so many different powders.  What I have come to realize about my biochemical individuality is that I too have a sensitivity to dairy and all the fillers in protein powders and shakes.  The good news is that I am not sensitive to plant protein supplements and less ingredients they have, the better my body is able to digest them.  

Today I have a criteria when purchasing any kind of protein supplement and here are my top necessities:

A/ Free of Allergenic or Harmful Ingredients

B/ Contains 100% clean and complete protein complex

C/ It’s got to taste good and it’s got to combine well with the things I like to add to my shakes, i.e. strawberries and avocados.

D/ It’s got to be Organic and non-GMO. 

E/  It has to be packed full of nutrients.

I am making the choice to use a protein supplement and I use it every single day so it’s one of the most important things in my daily nutrition plan.  I think we all need to take the time to know exactly what is in the supplement that we take each day to improve our health.  

For a plant based protein that meets my criteria, I recommend: Bariatric Food Expert Plant Protein It comes in Chocolate and Vanilla.  It has a great taste and blends well with all my super-food additions.  Take the time to research your supplements so that you feel your best each and every day.

About the author:  Sheri Burke is an RHN – Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been supporting bariatric clients for over a decade.  She also coordinates bariatric surgical procedures and assists clients both and to ensure that they follow bariatric guidelines and have the nutritional information they require for short term and long term success.  When not working, she can be found in the kitchen with her husband and two teens cooking up a nutritional storm.

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