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If you do a google search about “detoxes”, you will be bombarded with information.  Some folks love the detox and other say that we don’t need to detox as our bodies already detox themselves.  My thoughts are that there are many ways to think about the detox and there are ways that we can assist our bodies go through the detoxification pathways that make it easier on them.  Why not make a few lifestyles changes in order to help our bodies clear themselves of toxins ?  All this means is that we abstain from specific things and optimize specific processes that occur internally.

Let’s make things simple and say that a detox is when a person makes changes to clear their body of toxins.  So, what does “toxins” mean ?  Any substance that causes a negative health effect or is poisonous is a toxin.  “Toxin” has become a bit of a popular buzzword today.  Chemicals that are created artificially and also naturally occurring can be toxic.  For example, arsenic is natural but a toxin.  Cobra venom is natural but toxic.  

There are many harmful organisms and pollutants in our water, food, the aire we breathe – it’s very hard to get away and protect yourself from all of them.  We cannot live in a sealed bubble so we need to find ways to try and counteract some of these toxins for better health.  Our body has systems in place to cope with toxins but we can also assist our body to perform better with regular cleansing.

How We Can Help To Detox.

By choosing the right foods, we can support the body and help to lighten it’s stress load.  We can choose organic fruits and vegetables over processed foods. Pesticides and GMO products add dangerous toxins to our diet.  We need to try to avoid them whenever possible.

We can support our body through meditation and exercise.  When we exercise we sweat and this sweating releases toxins through our largest organ – our skin. Through meditation, we reduce our stress levels.  When compared, stress is as toxic to the health as chemicals.  The physical body cannot function properly when we have a troubled mind.

To detox we avoid specific things but we can also add specific things to our diet to assist with detox.  Foods such as lemon, garlic, mung beans, raw vegetables and broccoli sprouts aid in detoxification.  For some people, a juice fast is also helpful but this will depend on the person.  Each person is a biochemical individual and what aids one person may not do the same for the next person.

The most basic detox suggestions will start with pure water.  Water does not mean, coffee or tea or sports drinks.  Water is the most valuable detox tool and it helps with perspiration and to remove waste.  Drink clean, fresh, filtered water.

If you want to complete a healthy 10 day detox specifically for bariatric clients, give this one a try.  10 DAY BARIATRIC DETOX  It offers a 3 day liquid fast with 7 days of healthy eating to help clear detoxification pathways and it is a great way to start the month with a renewed sense of motivation.  It aids with digestion and energy levels and allows our bodies to heal themselves.


About the author:  Sheri Burke is an RHN – Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been supporting bariatric clients for over a decade.  She also coordinates bariatric surgical procedures and assists clients both and to ensure that they follow bariatric guidelines and have the nutritional information they require for short term and long term success.  When not working, she can be found in the kitchen with her husband and two teens cooking up a nutritional storm.

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